Formani designers

Lázaro Rosa-Violán


"A door handle is what separates you and a room. Door handles open worlds. A handle is a medium, a first impression. It allows you to enter and leave. Open doors from the past into the future."

naam: Lázaro Rosa-Violán
geboren: 1964, Ceuta
opleiding: Fine Arts, Madrid
design filosofie: Create a unique space with it's own personality, spaces to be enjoyed, where customers feel comfortable
klanten: Marriot, Sandy Lane Canouan, Iberica, Inditex, Soho House, Formani®
design awards: Best Hotel Interior Design (2017, Only You Hotel Atocha), Best of the Best Hotel Awards (2016, Cotton House Hotel), World Hotel Awards 2015 for Best World Design, Only You Barquillo, German Design Award 2016 & Iconic Design Award 2017 (Formani Bosco)

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