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At FORMANI®, customers come first. Our mission is to supply innovative, exclusive and top-quality products to form the perfect detail for high-quality interior designs worldwide.

‘The details are not the details. They make the design.’|
- Charles Eames

Although details are only a small part of the whole, they can make it or break it. Door fittings are one of those pivotal details and play a leading role in the overall design. It is partly thanks to the numerous collaborations with designers that FORMANI®'s products have established a reputation in the design world as being more than just a detail. As Charles Eames puts it: ‘They make the design.’ This design dynamism is the hallmark of the series that Jan des Bouvrie recently put together for FORMANI®. Considered by many as the founding father of Dutch Design, his collection is an ode to Dutch minimalism and simplicity.

That said, our collaborations are not bound by the established order. Eager to welcome new people on board, we are proud to have been working with the Dutch rising star Bertram Beerbaum since 2016. Our trailblazing nature and thirst for challenge goes beyond national borders. Despite being Dutch at heart, the Spanish design maestro Lázaro Rosa-Violán has recently joined the FORMANI® design family. Our network of partners also reflects our drive to look beyond borders. The collaborations with partners in more than forty countries across the globe stimulate us to immerse ourselves in and be open to the beauty of other cultures. OPEN UP! takes you on a journey to countless countries – a journey that we undertake together. After all, being together makes the experience much more exciting and makes us that much better! OPEN UP!

Pim Aarts
Owner and Managing Director

The Team

The Team