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BLACK DOORWARE For every interior and exterior

Black door, window, and furniture fittings are in high demand. The stylish black finish has become a more common feature in various interior and exterior styles. Black is timeless, doesn't get boring, and is easy to combine with different colours and materials. Whether you love an industrial style, are a fan of a warm and welcoming décor, or prefer a minimalistic chic look, black fittings look great in every interior. And it is exactly this multifunctional application that makes black fitting so incredibly popular.

The quality of the black finish
The increasing demand for black fittings has kept us busy. The last few years we focused on developing the latest techniques to improve the quality of the black finish, as this is something you can't simply apply. For example, a door handle is a heavy-use object that has to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. An outdoor door handle faces even harder conditions, as it is exposed to the various elements. A black finish therefore needs to be of such high quality that it maintains its original look in the long-term. Thanks to our latest developments, we can now guarantee that lasting quality.

Our designer collections in black are used extensively in the most beautiful projects. Our ONE SERIES by PIET BOON, SQUARE SERIES by JAN DES BOUVRIE, and TENSE SERIES by BERTRAM BEERBAUM have proven to be especially popular. All of our collections combine to form an overall concept. Our range of unique door, window, and furniture fittings, as well as our complementary accessories, has common themes and features and a unified look – ensuring they can be mixed and matched to produce a complete design and a perfectly balanced interior. Add a special touch of black beauty with our black-finish fittings to complete your interior and exterior design.