Formani news


FORMANI: The brand
FORMANI is a leading manufacturer of exclusive high-end door, window, and furniture fittings along with a unique collection of bathroom accessories. We are a well-known international ‘Dutch Design’ brand with a range of popular and iconic products that are sold in 45 countries worldwide.

Design first
Our design and development processes have been key to our success. Our passion for this business drives us to continuously strive for innovation and perfection. We have a unique working method that focuses primarily on design and combines aesthetic appeal with optimum functionality, resulting in high-quality products.

We love to inspire, and we love being inspired
We love inspiring people all over the world. In fact, our products have established quite a reputation in the design field and have become much more than just a detail. We also love being inspired, as this challenges us to create the best collections possible. This is why we began a collaboration with top Dutch designer Piet Boon in 2009. Together, we created the notable ‘ONE’ design, which has been a huge hit worldwide since its launch. Now, ten years on, we have joined forces with seven other successful designers: Edward van Vliet, Jan des Bouvrie, Bertram Beerbaum, Tord Boontje, Lázaro Rosa-Violán, Bob Manders, and Mathieu Bruls.

It’s all about the details
Although ‘doorware’ is often seen as only a small element, we believe these kinds of details can make or break a design. To quote Charles Eames: ‘The details are not the details; They make the product.’

All of our collections combine to form an overall concept. Our range of unique door, window, and furniture fittings, as well as our complementary accessories, has common themes and features and a unified look – ensuring they can be mixed and matched to produce a complete design and a perfectly balanced interior.

We currently have twelve collections under our belt, and numbers thirteen and fourteen are in the pipeline! We are constantly working on new developments behind the scenes, which will allow us to take care of future projects across the globe and to take you on our travels with us! OPEN UP!