Formani stories

56 apartments (ONE series) New York, US


Nurtured by the simple sophistication philosophy of Piet Boon Huys, located on 404 Park Avenue South, was transformed into an elegant home. Studio Piet Boon is a master in the design of total concepts. Huys 404 reflects this mastery from its fa├žade all the way through to the styling of the public spaces and from the integrated indoor architecture to the finest details observed in the more than fifty studios, apartments, and penthouses in the building.


The fittings that have been used contribute to the detailed approach that characterizes Huys 404. Piet Boon used the door, window, and furniture fittings from Formani® to breathe life into this total concept. In order to adhere to American legislation, the door fittings for this project had to be custom-made.