Formani stories

Château Neercanne (timeless series) Maastricht, The Netherlands


Located on the outskirts of Maastricht, Château Neercanne is the oldest terraced castle in the Netherlands. This castle, which has a panoramic view of the Jekerdal valley, is situated on the Belgian border. About sixty years ago it was fully restored and in the decades that have since passed, Château Neercanne has become an institute in the region. The restaurant has held a Michelin star for thirty years. Lunch restaurant l’Auberge, the cave halls carved in the marl hillside, the vineyard, wine cellars, and the breathtaking terrace create a setting where guests are fully catered to by enthusiastic hosts and chefs.


No frills or antics: Château Neercanne, which is part of the Oostwegel Collection, is refined and authentic. The castle hosts 120 guests every day with an air of respect for its long and illustrious past The timeless and unassuming character of the door fittings of the FORMANI®Timeless series seamlessly matches the quality and durability that are leading in the castle.