Formani stories

Het Oude Hof (nour series) Bergen, The Netherlands


In the town of Bergen in North Holland, nestled between the magnificent dunes, lies the historic and picturesque Het Hof country estate. This country estate is home to a monumental building that exudes a sense of history and remains a popular place to meet and take in the beautiful surroundings to this very day. The garden on the estate is an enthralling oasis of tranquillity.


Bergen is characterized by lush nature and a rich history of art and culture which can be traced back to the artists that settled in Bergen at the start of the twentieth century. This artists’ colony became an influential group during this period. These painters which included famous Dutch artists such as John Rädecker and Charley Toorop defined the Bergen School of art. Bergen was also home to famous Dutch writers, poets, and architects. Here, these intellectuals would gather and ruminate in the salons and on the patios of stately mansions. This rich tradition is the concept used by Edward van Vliet for Het Hof country estate.


Het Hof is a neoclassical mansion surrounded by exquisite gardens. The country estate is part of the blooming hotel group. Art, culture, and nature are a dominant theme in the interior concept which encourages inspirational encounters and moments of reflection.

‘My door fittings are the hidden gems of the architectural layers.’ Edward van Vliet

Edward van Vliet selected the door fittings that he designed for FORMANI® for this project. And as Van Vliet explains, ‘My door fittings are the hidden gems of the architectural layers.’ The neoclassical style of the door fittings harks back to the time of the artists’ colony. Yet, the modern look flawlessly integrates with the contemporary function of Het Hof. The copper reflects the surrounding landscape that moves and shifts with the seasons.

‘If you honour yourself, the world, and the people around you, you should do justice to the talents given to you and explore your gifts.’ Edward van Vliet