Formani stories

Hex restaurant (ARC series) oudewater, the netherlands

Restaurant Hex is located in Oudewater’s most beautiful building: the historic Arminiushuis (1601). Studio Piet Boon was responsible for the interior design and styling of the Arminiushuis and transformed it into the luxurious but welcoming restaurant HEX.

We looked at how we could establish a link between the present and the past, resulting in some interesting contrasts. The historic architecture and character of this grand building were left intact, allowing the original beauty to be restored and given a contemporary character with details of the FORMANI by Piet Boon ARC hardware series.

The use of colour in the interior is an interpretation of the yellow-gold tone that has its origins in seventeenth-century paintings and the local rope industry. By painting the walls in a subtle shade, the studio has succeeded in creating an intimate atmosphere. The robust natural stone bar, subtle black lines of the frames, the lighting, and the ARC hardware series add a modern touch to the overall look.