Formani stories

Hospitality project August (Timeless series) Antwerp, Belgium

From a 19th-century Augustinian convent to a modern-day sanctuary

Project August, Antwerp
The transformation of this 19th-century Augustinian convent took place on the site of a former military hospital in Antwerp. This is an ambitious hospitality project of the famous Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen, whom turned the historical building out into a high-end and exclusive hotel but still with its initial monumental value and many authentic elements.

Vincent van Duysen created the design with the spirit that the building looks like 100 years ago and still looks the same 100 years from now: Timeless. The hotel counts 44 hotel rooms , a bar, a restaurant, a wellness and a shop. Every area is equipped with many modern conveniences but it still embodies its sacred soul in every detail.

Architectural hardware
The architectural hardware are an important aspect to complete the design. Therefore the 1925 door handles and the 1938 cabinet knobs of the FORMANI Timeless series are added in every area of the building. Both in the finish satin black. The selection of the Timeless line is an inherent part of the philosophy on which this project is based. The timeless and unassuming character of the door, window and furniture fittings seamlessly matches the quality and durability that are leading in the hotel. The satin black finish completes the design with a modern touch.

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