Formani stories

Piet Boon Studio offices (two series) Amsterdam-Area, The Netherlands

The Piet Boon Studio headquarters and multifunctional showroom were completed in 2011 and is located in Oostzaan, near Amsterdam. The sober purity of the building and its interior reads as the signature of the world-famous Dutch designer. This purity is defined by the clean lines and verticality.
Most striking is the spatial freedom of the multifunctional head office which is home to an international and dynamic team of talented and experienced designers and stylists. The design is focused on future. Firstly, this focus is defined by the building itself that only becomes more beautiful with age. Secondly, the building can effortlessly adapt to the growth of this successful interior, exterior, and product design studio. The disciplined design combined with the white walls and natural light creates an elegant dance of shadows. It is a translation of a specific philosophy that Piet Boon calls ‘energy-neutral’. This philosophy searches for a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and individuality. 


Piet Boon designed the TWO series of door fittings that was used in the building. This series has a great deal in common with the head office. The layout of the building was inspired by the customer journey and has two routings: one for visitors to the studio and the other one for staff. Together, these routings become one, just like the elaborate oak designs from the TWO series that has been carefully assembled piece by piece with the necessary handwork and precision to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle.


The large number of works of art the in building in Oostzaan is striking. Many of the pieces are by Studio Job, including the golden skyscraper in Piet Boon's office. Despite the many glass walls, the spacious interior provides the artworks with a stage from which they can tell their unique narrative. Narratives that fill the visual space.


TWO by Piet Boon unveils itself in three different expressions. First there is the combination of stainless steel with natural oak; then there is the line made from stainless steel and black oak; and third is the 100% stainless steel line. All three finishes are found throughout the building where open spaces with white and black doors animate endless combinations.

While the TWO series by Piet Boon exudes simplicity, it is, in fact, one of the most elaborate products in the FORMANI® collection. The assembly of these fitting is completed with essential handwork that sees every piece of wood milled independently and fitted together with the stainless parts like the pieces of an intricate puzzle.