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Restaurant Brut 172 (INC) Reijmerstok, The Netherlands

At the beginning of 2020, Michelin-starred chef Hans van Wolde opened the doors of his luxurious restaurant ‘Brut 172’. The restaurant is located in an actual former farmhouse at a height of 172 meters in Reijmerstok, which is a small village originating from the medieval era near Maastricht. The dining experience is considered to be exceptional due to the beautiful location, the perfectly balanced interior design and the delicious food.

The design of the new restaurant is created by the Dutch interior designer Niels Maier. The characteristic features of the original building, such as the walls and the wooden beams, were kept in the design. The basis of the design was found in the barn, which is considered the most beautiful part of the building. The first floor of this spacious center is separated into two wings with adequately spaced dining tables, which evokes a feeling of having small private dining areas. Both wings are connected by a bridge, where one can see the open kitchen.

The influences of the surroundings are incorporated into the design. The marl land is reflected in the interior design by the use of solid and pure materials, such as wood and steel, yet applied in a sophisticated manner. The soft color tones are used to create an exciting contrast with the solid feel of the historical farmhouse. The design evokes a feeling of softness, which stands for security, comfort, and most importantly the feeling of coming home.

The architectural hardware are an important aspect to complete the design. Therefore, the handles of our INC by Piet Boon series in our latest finish ‘PVD satin black’ are added in every area of the building. The modern and convenience look of these handles create a perfect balance between the new design and the characteristic features of the original building.

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