Formani stories

Villa (ribbon series) Oisterwijk, The Netherlands


This house in Oisterwijk in North Brabant was designed by Dutch architect Bob Manders. The bold interior that matches the characteristics of the house, its owner, and the environment was also his creation. However, the design is more than just a derivative of these three elements. It encourages dialogue in which the door fittings by FORMANI® serve a linking purpose.


This house combines the passion of the designer for innovation with a respectful understanding of the past. To this end he is inspired by Dutch heritage such as Rembrandt's use of light which is combined with the styles of the famous masters from Vitruvius through to Le Corbusier. This has created unpredictable but balanced rooms that can be appreciated all over the world.


The minimalistic approach with a focus on elements that might appear illogical at first sight is characteristic of Bob Manders’ style. This creates a sense of unpredictability that invokes exciting discoveries. This includes a revolving door that transforms a room that appears empty at first, into a practical space filled with books and a comfortable sofa, or a completely white wall that transforms into a work of art when light is cast upon it. The simple design, clean lines, asymmetrical turning movements, and the absence of a lock in the Ribbon collection of door fittings designed by Bob Manders, reflect his signature style.

Hidden beauty, subdued passion: that is what Manders’ work is about.