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Formani Tense series by Bertram Beerbaum Reference Project (press play)

Reference project Formani Tense hardware by Bertram Beerbaum
This beautiful “Gooische” villa is located in the wooded area of Laren (the Netherlands). The thatched roof, white walls, and beautiful details characterize the traditional, rural style. The interior evokes a feeling of pureness, luxury and elegance through the implementation of vibrant colors, rich materials and sophisticated details. The door-, window- and furniture fittings from the FORMANI Tense series by Bertram Beerbaum are applied in both the interior and exterior which ensures a coherent and harmonious whole.

The design of the hardware series
The Formani Tense series literally forms a bridge between two extremes: a round section and a rectangular section. The basis of every design is the cylindrical neck and the four-sided arm of the designs are connected in an unconvential, but natural way. This makes the design unique, clear, robust, yet chic aesthetic. This functional, yet surprising series concerns a total concept, thereby including door-, window and furniture fittings.

FORMANI x Bertram Beerbaum
Bertram Beerbaum prefers to design products in a convenience, but natural way. Any product that he designs must be something tough, chic, timeless and a tad own wisdom in them. Functional products with a surprising twist.
According to his design philosophy, door fittings must look good, yet have a comfortable grip. Most importantly, the design should be in perfect harmony with architecture. An inspiring encounter with Bertram Beerbaum generated innovative and exciting ideas and ultimately resulted in the introduction of the fantastic ‘Tense’ collection.

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