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Apartments Moscow, Russia

Renovation project Moscow.

The project of Club house Bunin is a complex renovation of a historical building, which was first built in 1903 by Wilhelm Schaub, a famous Russian architect with German roots. In 2019 the old building is renovated by the architectural firm Tsimailo, Lyashenko and partners. The firm is listed in the top ten best architectural firms in Russia. What makes them famous is the combination of their international experience in the world of architecture with European design standards and innovative technologies.

The renovation has given the building a neomodern style but with decorative elements of the historical facade, combined with the comfort of modern living. The initial pilasters, rosettes and cornices are still visible. The color scheme in combination with the high quality finishing materials like natural marble and precious woods remind of the Imperial period in Russian history.

Architectural hardware
The architectural hardware are an important aspect to complete the design. To highlight the historical background, the handles of the FORMANI Timeless added in every area of the building. The selection of the Timeless line is an inherent part of the philosophy on which this project is based. The timeless and unassuming character of the door, window and furniture fittings seamlessly matches the quality and durability that are leading in the hotel. The satin black finish completes the design with a modern touch.