Formani stories

Villa (INC series) Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Studio Piet Boon was tasked with designing the exterior and interior for a comfortable and intimate family home that respects the surroundings of a village in the Rotterdam area. The extraordinary villa, consisting of four floors, is designed to provide an abundance of convenience and luxury, and to use the plot in the most efficient way.

The calm character of the house is reinforced by sightlines. The long hall is the central axis that runs the length of the house connecting the adjacent spaces and creating an open atmosphere. If desired, the rooms can be sectioned off with (glass) doors, creating privacy and a more intimate atmosphere in the functional spaces that arise.

We opted for a unified design language and continuity of materials in a variation on the classic Piet Boon style. Executed in light colors and refined natural materials we created a strong, light and spacious home that is perfectly suited to family life. The FORMANI by Piet Boon INC hardware series is chosen to complete the design.