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Beach Residence Kas Dorrie Carribean islands, Bonaire, Dutch Antilles

Few Caribbean islands are as inviting as Bonaire, a sand-fringed escape in the former Dutch Antilles. The island is a haven of tranquillity, boasting consistently pleasant warm temperatures and soft sea breezes. Situated on one of the island’s most pristine beaches lies Kas Dorrie: a luxurious designer beach villa.

Due to its location near the sea, the villa was built with locally sourced materials that can withstand the salty air, are low in maintenance and age beautifully at the same time. The island atmosphere is elegantly translated to the interior design and styling of the villa. Wide slatted windows and partitions made of bone-coloured pebbles let in sunlight, whilst the high ceilings and dark poured concrete floors give a sense of cool.

During the exterior and interior design along with the construction of Kas Dorrie, making use of natural materials and the elements played a key role. Inspired by island living and the traditional local rural “kunuku” houses, the beach villa was designed to benefit from the wind. Contemporary wide entranceways are flanked by slender pillars and the central axis in the middle of the villa provides a symmetric structure, enabling strong sightlines and allowing the always-prevailing breeze to pass unhindered providing natural cooling.

The FORMANI ONE hardware series by Piet Boon in PVD satin black is added to complete the design on the in- and outside of the villa. For beach villa designs we recommend to choose hardware with a PVD finish. The PVD layer ensures that our hardware is more resistant to external influences, such as weather, coastal conditions, corrosion etc. For more information about a PVD finish click here.

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