Formani stories

Stadswoning (ONE series) Londen, Vereningd Koninkrijk

The Dutch designer Niels Maier from Studio Niels designed this authentic monochromatic house. His works stands out for the usage of clean lines, opening up the space and adding lightness to architecture. The tailored interiors and objects are often based on a minimal and timeless approach with a focus on comfort. In his interiors he makes extensive use of rich, high-quality materials build by craftsmanship.

The all white architectural approach creates a strong concept to start working with. An approach that makes the old en new fit perfectly together. The FORMANI® door ware collection ONE connects to this concept. From this all white approach the house was deigned layer by layer.

Bathroom accessories are often the last layer in bath- and restrooms. They can brake or make the room. The combination of the stainless steel with the white Corian® creates a new standard in bathroom accessories. They turn bathroom basics into essentials.